Package javautils.graph

Utilities for manipulating graphs.


Interface Summary
GraphBuilder A Builder for Graphs (see [Gamma1995]).

Class Summary
AnAugmentedGraph An augmented version of an original Graph-instance.
AugmentedGraphDecorator A basic forwarding Decorator, see [Gamma1995], for the AugmentedGraph-interface.
GraphContract A Design-by-Contract [Meyer1997] decorator for the AugmentedGraph-interface.
GraphDecorator A basic forwarding Decorator, see [Gamma1995], for the Graph-interface.
Graphs Static utility methods for dealing with graphs.
GraphsTest A [JUnit] test for Graphs.
TransposedGraph A transposed graph.
UndirectedGraph An undirected graph.

Package javautils.graph Description

Utilities for manipulating graphs.